ROS MOLTENO - Paintings - Cape Town, South Africa

My paintings express my emotional response to the natural world.

An image of a large vista which combines light, space and beauty will resonate in the human psyche, satisfying a fundamental human need for landscape and the ‘wildness’ held within it.

I am delighted when a painting elicits an emotional response in the viewer, evoking pleasant feelings, longings and memories. Colour, shape and mood can all combine to create a visual focal point for meditation, a quiet image allows the mind to wander freely.  An abstract landscape provides an image which may be completed in the realms of the viewer's imagination.

 As an artist, I draw on memory and personal experience in an attempt to express my view of the world, both the world within me and the world as I see it in my own unique way. 

 I am intrigued by the concept that each painting is a self-portrait, fully reflecting the artist’s conscious and subconscious state of being.  As painting is generally a solitary occupation, self-reflection and self-expression go hand-in-hand, sometimes with surprising and pleasing results.  Experimentation and playfulness are given free rein.

Artists need a playful approach to life itself.  To quote Picasso,

“It takes a long time to become young”. 


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